Connect2Sun is a company of the SUNENERGY group ( dedicated to the supply of air conditioning and solar energy systems

We have been operating in the market in Portugal for several years and our action is guided by the provision of global services to our customers, providing the best options for decision making where the price/quality/efficiency triangle is maximized.

We provide services to companies and individuals always with the same professionalism and the same quality standards.

Solar Energy in Portugal is a growing reality and Connect2Sun is committed to playing an active role in the dissemination of renewable energy solutions that can benefit the population and the environment.

Our services include electrical energy production systems for Self Energy Consumption, sanitary water heating or swimming pool heating, air conditioning systems or energy sales

Solar energy

Contrary to what one might think, the human use of solar energy is not a recent phenomenon, nor does it derive only from the recent “fashion” that emphasizes the use of renewable energies, as an alternative to fossil energies.

Humanity has been using solar energy for millennia, however the way we use light radiation has evolved and been optimised.

Today, when we say “solar energy”, we are immediately taken to think of the famous photovoltaic panels, but in reality this is just one of the many ways to take advantage of the energy produced by solar.

What is Solar Energy?

Without complicating it and in a very summarized way it is the energy that the sun emits and that reaches the earth. As a star, the sun releases large amounts of energy and part of this energy reaches planet Earth, after traveling millions of kilometers.

Over the last few decades, new technologies have been developed whose main purpose is to capture solar energy and later transform it into “useful” energy. Solar energy can, for example, be “turned” into heat, or into electricity.

The Portuguese Reality

Portugal is one of the European countries where most is invested in the acquisition of photovoltaic panels. The large number of hours of sun exposure and the declared commitment of successive governments to solar energy are factors that have strengthened the commitment to this type of panels.

Today, the focus on solar energy is transversal in Portuguese society. From domestic use to large companies’ bets, it’s easy to find examples of successful bets on energy from the sun. Connect2Sun is part of one of the largest groups involved in this area and plays a proud role in the dissemination and commercialization of solutions in this area.

Recently, new legislation on self-consumption and production of renewable energy was published, which should arouse an even stronger interest in solar energy and other renewable energies.

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